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Getting to Know Me: 3 Guideposts of Training with Sam

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

I love to see people crush it. I live for that moment of surprise when someone does something they couldn’t do yesterday. I’ve been there and I know how good it feels. In my 20s, I took pretty bad care of myself. I was overweight, slept badly, and generally felt like shit all the time. Today I’m staring at the back end of my 30s and feeling stronger and healthier than I thought was attainable. My approach to personal training is modeled after my own experience: Move smarter, push yourself, have fun.

Move Smarter. Science, man. People don’t seem to care about it too much lately, but I certainly do. Science tells us you need to train differently based on your goals - fat loss; muscle gain; or improvements in balance, flexibility, and stability. Science tells us there’s a certain foundation we have to lay so we can move more efficiently, handle heavier loads, and stay injury-free. I design programs based on the recommendations of the National Academy of Sports Medicine, not trends or fads.

Push Yourself. Whether you're 27 or 70, we’ll get you surprising yourself with what you can do. Lasting change isn’t about sprinting out of your comfort zone like The Rock bounding down to the wrestling ring. It’s about small consistent steps forward every time you work out.

Have Fun. I want you to like the experience of working out. And it can suck doing things that are physically hard and uncomfortable (which is a mandatory part of pushing yourself). We’ll listen to music you like, you’ll never do the same workout twice, you’ll feel like a badass, and I’ll try to make you laugh. (My mom thinks I’m hilarious.)

Starting out, a trainer friend gave me sage advice, “women want a booty and abs, give them that and you’ll do great,” and she’s totally right. And we will do that. And if you don't identify as a lady and ya want big arms and abs, we can do that. As a trainer, I want to get you to your goals and then some. Here's what else you'll get: flexibility and range of motion, correction of muscle imbalances, and we’ll get you surprising yourself every time we work out. It will hurt sometimes. Some days you’ll want to kiss me and some days you’ll want to punch me in the kisser. We’ll move, we’ll push, we’ll have a blast.

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