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The "5 Whys"

Ever hold the mirror up and think "hmmm....." Well my love, like it or not - it makes complete sense. We are all just walking around being the perfect little sum of our past experiences and our biological make-up. Please be gentle with yourself because who you are and everything you’ve done is based on what you've learned, how you've been rewarded (and punished) over the years, and what's in those incredible little cells of yours.

I'm not telling you to shirk your responsibilities in areas where you want to grow.. If you’re thinking about making a change in your live - fitness or otherwise - your drive and desire to do so also makes total sense given the sum of your parts. If you want to be successful in that growth, I encourage you to get to know those parts by asking "why" - knowing thyself is the best way to stay in the driver's seat.

Get curious about your reasons for change - ask “why?” and then keep asking “why?” like an annoying little kid. Ask yourself why 5 times and I promise that you will have an “oh dayum” moment.

(Side note: I babysat for my 4 year old nephew a bunch during quarantine and literally non-stop he asked, “why you did that?” and “why you said that?”.

Kids really do say that all the time, huh?! I thought that was just on tv. He is not annoying though, he is absolutely perfect despite not nailing those past tense verbs yet. "Why you said that?" over and over did lead me to have to explain what the word "sarcastic" meant, which was fun.)

The : "5 Whys" In Action

I want to make a change. I want to lose weight.

Why (1) do you desire to decrease body fat?

So you can move around easier, makes sense.

Why (2) is that important?

Oh, So you can play with your kids more. Got it.

Why (3) is that so important?

Because your mom played with you outside when you were little even though she was busy and it made you feel loved. That’s awesome.

Why (4) it so important for you to show your kids you love them?

Because you want to be a good mom too, but you don't have the energy to play as much as you want. Totally.

Why (5) is being a good mom so important to you?

Because you believe parents provide an environment where their kids can thrive and creating a loving, participatory, close-knit environment for your family is the most important thing for you. BINGO. ◀️◀️◀️This reason would certainly help me change my nutrition and exercise habits more than “I want to lose weight”

(This was just an example and there are people of all sizes that move like sexy gazelles.)

The “5 whys” can also make you say “wow, I have some f*cked up relationships with health/wellness/body image and hey, that’s something to work on too. For example, mobility and energy can be tied to body fat, but doesn't they doesn't have to be. So if you feel like your weight is a limiting factor in the way you experience the world, that's something worth exploring too.

The “5 whys” gives us data and data is good.

Whatever you've done in the past, whatever you're feeling right now, wherever you want to go - it all makes perfect sense. And yet, you're still in the driver's seat. The more you understand the sum of your parts - past experiences, biology, they way you perceive and think about things - the more control you have. Let's do this.

"Why you did that?" :)

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