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Sexy Benjamin Franklin and How Things Change

Holiday memories can be great reminders that things change. Mostly for good. Mostly within our control. 

One time I went to a great Brooklyn Halloween rager at my friend Rachel’s. I don’t remember a ton from that party, but I DO remember that her little brother was dressed up as sexy Benjamin Franklin. I’m pretty sure I hit on him. 

Halloween naturally looks different now. I *think* sexy Benjamin Franklin has 2 children and lives on a farm upstate. Rachel and her husband are Iivin’ the good life in LA. We all know Sam hasn’t been to a rager in a Very. Long. Time. 

Things Change.  .........

How are your Halloweens different than they used to be? 

Remember that *super* embarrassing costume that you’re glad you wore before social media was really a thing? 

Remember freezing waiting in line FOREVER at the Haunted House to get the shit scared out of you ON PURPOSE? (I get it though, a jacket would have ruined the costume) 

Remember feeling only JOY and SHEER EXCITEMENT that there was going to be mountains of candy around? 

Things change. 

You’re probably handing out candy, taking out your own lil monsters, or curled up with a nice glass of Cab Sauv and The Craft. 

Maybe nowadays the idea of candy being everywhere fills you with anxiety, shame, or dread. 

“I know I’m going eat to too much and feel like poop” 

“I want it, but I know I can’t have any and I’m going to feel like poop” 

“I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do!!! And that makes me feel like poop!” 

Here’s the thing. Whatever your experience has been in the past….things change. 

What’s the outcome you want this weekend? 

Do you want to eat whatever candy you want? Great. Do it. Eat it as slow as possible. Savor it, smell it. Move that Twix around your mouth like it’s the finest Wagyu beef. Really, presently, chew them m’eff-in Skittles. And if you want more, have more. But BE there with those waxy lil candy corns. Promise me you won’t just mindlessly pour them down your skickers-hole.

You want to have ZERO candy? I get it. Sometimes it’s easier to not even start. Get clear on your “Why” and have other options available that are more in line with your goals - just in case you’re feeling snacky. 

You want to do something in the middle? Perfection, do some combo of those things. 

....... Here’s the other thing….it’s just one day. However halloween goes, get back to regularly scheduled programming on Nov 1. Even, and especially if, in the past you’ve decided to just say “f*ck it” until January when it comes to health. One day will not make or break ANYTHING, I promise. 

Things change. 

Channel your inner Elvira and stay safe out there, ghoulies. 

If you find this kind of support helpful and would like personalized coaching and regular accountability - that’s literally why I’m here. Schedule a strategy session to discuss your nutritions goals! 

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