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5 fundamental skills to feel better and more confident in your nutrition. Make the right choices for you and your body, not for a little while, FOR LIFE. My nutrition clients have had transformative experiences with food and eating. Get in on some of that insight - for free! 


JO - Siver Spring, MD

I'm already seeing big improvements in how I feel, and I'm much more aware of what I need in terms of food and nutrition to feel my best. I'm optimistic that the good habits I learned from Sam will stick with me for a long time!

KATRIEN - Cincinnati, OH

This program is not restrictive. It is mind broadening. I enjoy cooking healthy meals now and it is equipping me with sustainable tools and ideas. Not for the short term but for life! I would highly recommend it. So enriching so awesome.


I started with the nutrition focus in mind because my pandemic snacking was out of control and I’ve always struggled in that area. Sam knows her clients’ strengths and makes it so easy to push yourself to do better and improve while still having fun.

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